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Husqvarna 445 Built for Newbies

· Chainsaws

The Smart Start system mentioned above makes this model attractive to people who are new to chainsaws. Moreover, the 445 features a centrifugal air injection system and an easy access to the air filter that make it easier to clean out the saw during maintenance.

The vibration control feature and the intertia-activated chain brake system helps operators to don’t get tired while using the tool, and it also prevents serious injuries if they make a mistake.

X-Torq: a gas saver

Since the cost can get higher because of the ongoing expenses in terms of fuel, oil and maintenance to keep it going, the X-Torq engine of this model is fuel-efficient so this won’t be a problema, and also reduces exhaust from the engine which lets users operate while breathing a relatively cleaner air as seen in this husqvarna 445 review.


How good is the warranty that comes with this model?

Husqvarna offers a two-year standard warranty for basic use, with the option to extend at the time of purchase.

Does this model require a Husqvarna-specific chain?

No, but check the owner’s manual closely for specifications — such as bar length, gauge, and chain pitch — to make sure the chain you have is compatible.

Is this a good starter chainsaw?

It is easy to start and comes with safety features to reduce rookie mishaps, so it’s a good starter chainsaw. It’s reliable enough that a purchaser can get used to chainsaws before moving up.

What the Users Say

There have been several professional reviews of the saw, but most of users are pretty happy with Husqvarna 445 since it starts easily and keeps working as long as you want it to, and users were impressed with its overall performance.

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