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How to prepare for Chicago winter with the right snow blower?

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You will need more patience to clean the snow off your driveway with this model than with any other 24” Troy-Bilt snowblower. But it will still complete the task. In the end it’s much better than a one-stage snowblower and more solid than a Chinese machine. Not many snowblowers at this price have an electric start. The height reach of the machine means that you can clean that snow drift the plow leaves at your driveway each morning like shown in this snow blower troy bilt storm 2410 review. Ideal for those who have a driveway around 24 mts long, getting at least 60” snowfall a year.

It’s made for running on gravel, ground and grass, asphalt, and concrete. The 208cc engine has the correct potency for this device. Solid tires give you the same traction of the 15” X-Trac pneumatics, but their grooves make them soft for turning around. It also wears poly skid shoes to avoid scratching your beautiful driveway and courtyard. No power steering but light enough for almost everybody to handle. This model is not made for removing thick and wet snow. It wont throw it more than 25 feet and lacks traction to remove the snow plow drift.

Troy-Bilt Vortex 2490: It’s not my favorite snowblower. But perhaps it’s the one for you. Its enormous engine and three stages make it able to throw snow over a greater distant and give it twice the power of the 2460. It includes all the best traits of the Troy-Bilt: power steering, hand warmers, 4-way chute control, long discharge chute, and front light. It enjoys throwing away normal snow drifts, and it’s so enjoyable to watch!


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